About Us

Rockford Foundation School is powered by the rare in-house, research-based, child friendly and complete school system and curriculum, which integrates Promotive Learning Environment, child cantered curriculum, engaging teaching methods and personalized assessment to make learning Amusing, lovable and motivating. Designed by award winning educationist of Rockford, this school system have been develop after in-depth research with teachers having many years of experience. Our Educational Programme & School System reduces the need for learning by rote and inculcates a healthy & positive growth towards learning. Our Educational Programme also assists the children to learn and inculcates the essential habits of mind, develop a positive attitude and nurture good human values. Thus, it enables them to maximize their potential and evolve as self-confident, self-assured, emotionally balanced and contributing citizens !.

Play Nursery

Our play group plans to advance an inviting and minding environment where an expansive scope of encounters are offered to the kids in an energetic and agreeable way. We give a rich, changed and satisfying educational programs for our kids to guarantee they all experience a wide assortment of chances empowering them to learn through play. We precisely watch every tyke with the goal that we can assess their physical, enthusiastic, social and instructive needs.


The fundamental administration that we take after with nursery area is set up such that the youngsters comprehend the significance of qualities and culture. Kid started action based learning happens for the duration of the day which closes with story time, manikin appear, move, music, sprinkle pool and so forth. Tyke focus exercises are deliberately arranged and arranged by the educator, giving them the correct condition and giving the correct boosts.


The amusements and exercises woven together into the educational modules makes learning fun and intuitive. Composing abilities, perusing aptitudes are improved and intellectual abilities are worked upon by giving the kids beneficial riddles and toys to play with. All encompassing advancements happens through a correct adjust of scholastics with the co-curricular exercises giving every youngster a characteristic method for finding the world.


As youngsters turn out to be progressively autonomous, they try for new difficulties. Our program presents new topics and ideas consistently which deliberately giving youngsters towards better organized classroom encounters ahead. Our point is to giving youngsters with the correct abilities for smooth progress to formal school.


Research demonstrates that the mind really brighten after a short sense of development, and neural pathways turn out to be more rapid and productive. Our learning focuses on development and inside out comprehension of ideas through all modalities of learning. The protected and secure rich condition is receptive to the youngster's adapting needs.