Play Group

Our play group aims to promote a friendly and caring atmosphere where a broad range of experiences are offered to the children in an enthusiastic and enjoyable way. We provide a rich, varied and fulfilling curriculum for our children to ensure they all experience a wide variety of opportunities enabling them to learn through play. We carefully observe each child so that we can take account of their physical, emotional, social and educational needs. Every child should be treated as an individual and there interest and learning styles are taken into account to carefully plan for their individual needs and level of development.


The basic regime that we follow with nursery section is prepared in such a way that the children understand the importance of values and culture. Singing rhymes with actions in groups, identifying body parts, colours and oral counting are parts of oral interaction. Child initiated activity based learning takes place throughout the day which ends with story time, puppet show, dance, music, splash pool etc. Child center activities are carefully planned and prepared by the teacher, giving them the right environment and providing the right stimuli. An environment where each child is special, feels valued and has lots of fun. Games that encourage imagination such as dressing up, clay moulding, building blocks, reading books etc will help to develop a child’s creativity.

Lower Kinder Garten

The games and activities woven together into the curriculum makes learning fun. Writing skills are enhanced and cognitive skills are worked upon by giving the children productive puzzles and toys to play with. Our endeavour is to maximize learning and stimulate child’s imagination and curiosity to learn further. Holistic developments takes place through a right balance of academics with the co-curricular activities giving each child a natural way of discovering the world

Upper Kinder Garten

As children become increasingly independent, they aspire for new challenges. Our programme introduces new themes and concepts every month which carefully giving children towards better structured classroom experiences ahead.Our aim is to giving children with the right skills for smooth transition to formal school.